Foreign Signals and other Pictures

I have included the signals and other stuff on this page just as a souvenir, without intending to give more information on them. As I have time, I will provide links to sites giving information, if available.

Swedish Signals: Trafikverket 

trafikverket Statens Järnväger  
Spanish Signals: RENFE  RENFE 
Dutch signals  ns_logo.gif (527 Byte) 

British Signals: Network Rail

Network Rail 
Canada  OC Transpo 
special section: do their signals make sense? 
U.S. Signals   
Malaysia: KTM Berhad KTM Berhad 
Chinese Signals  logo_cn.gif (1398 Byte) 
OSShD signals  logo_osshdsm.jpg (5278 Byte)