U.S. Signals

These pictures were taken on a trip through the Appalachian Mountains in 1999
stop and stay in the Blue Ridge A double-headed signal at stop. Since the signal does not carry a number plate, the aspect means 'stop and stay'.
shunting stop A dwarf shunting signal at stop.
level crossing A U.S. level crossing. For a German level crossing, see here.
These pictures were taken earlier 1999 at the Mid-Continent Railroad Museum at North Freedom, Wisconsin.
I would like to thank Michael Stokes for the explanation of the signals.
semaphore A semaphore signal near the main building.
point signal A point (Gringo: switch) signal for slower speed tracks. White is straight, and yellow would be for the curved track. Higher speed routes may also use green (straight) and red (curved).
some old point and derailer signals From left to right: Three point signals. If the marker is visible, the point is set to the curved track. Otherwise the marker was aligned parallel to the line and hence not visible.

The semaphore signal may have been a derailer signal, but I'm not sure.

semaphore Another semaphore near the water tower.