OC Transpo
These Pictures show the new (by the time the pictures were taken) O-Train of OC Transpo of Ottawa. Part of the Pictures are by courtesy of Mike Jager.
The O-Train was manufactured in Germany (by the Canadian company Bombardier, of course). They are to my knowledge the only trains in the Americas equipped with the Indusi safety system.

Indusi in Kanada A signal equipped with Indusi at Greenboro. The location of the Indusi track magnet is indicated by a special board.

Canadians insist that this board is not to tell the driver that he is approaching a signal which he can't run on red, but rather orders him to raise the snow plough...

Indusi-Schneepflugtafel A blow-up of the Indusi board.
Indusi-Gleismagnet A train approaching an Indusi track magnet. As you can see, OC Transpo also uses a head signal consisting of three lights, which is standard both in Germany and since several decades also in Canada, although the lights had to be replaced by brighter ones for Canada (Thanks to Tim Lane for this information).
Indusi-Gleismagnet A close look of the Indusi track magnet.
Stop, Gleisende The Canadian version of a Sh 0 stop board. To be true, the upper yellow and black chequerboard sign is a standard North American railway stop sign. Rumours tell that the lower one was added to please the green-table safety folks.
O-Train-Depot An O-Train in the shop.
Indusi mit engl. Beschriftung The Indusi display, English version. See the Cab displays page for the German original.

I suppose they should have labelled the white button "ordre" to make it bilingual :->
Another interesting feature you will see on the large picture: The speed gauge (which displays km per hour) carries stickers to indicate the speed in some medieval measure...

Freie Fahrt: wenn nicht alles rot ist, ist es gar nicht rot... An Indusi-protected signal at clear. Why a signal displaying a red light means clear you can find out on the page: Do American signals make sense?
einmal grün und zweimal rot heißt freie Fahrt... Another signal with two reds. This means clear as well...
alien spaceship Finally: The first track magnet on American soil:
The Indusi has landed...