Cab Displays

Here you see some cab displays and control panels. Click on the images to get a larger version.

LZB-Anzeige  An LZB display.
Führerstand eines Steuerwagens  The control panel of a control car. The computer display is the EBULA (Elektronischer Buchfahrplan, electronic timetable and low-speed areas index), the "steering wheel" is the traction switch and the handle to the right is the brake valve.
Führerstand einer BR 152-E-Lok  A BR 735/740 "Karlsruher Kopf" control car. The three gauges left-to-right are: battery voltage, catenary voltage, motor current. The small panel to the upper right is the Indusi display: 60-75-95 km/h control speed, white "Befehl 40" (order 40 km/h) indicator, 500 Hz and 1000 Hz control indicators.
Führerstand einer BR 212  A BR 212's cab display. Look at the top-notch modern design and especially the fitting of the Indusi display!
Führerstand in einem InterCity  An InterCity's cab display.
Indusi-Bedienschalter  Three switches for the Indusi system, see the Indusi pages for an explanation.
AWS (Großbritannien)  A British AWS display in a class 465 EMU.

Picture courtesy by Kelly Smith.