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Miscellaneous OSShD Signals

These are pictures from signals in OSShD member countries.


tschechisches Hauptsignal A Czech signal displaying stop.
tschechisches Rangiersignal A Czech shunting signal displaying stop. Also you can see a derailer in place.
czcdr748.jpg (106252 Byte) A Czech level-crossing street signal. The white light is flashing to indicate that the crossing is operational and can be passed. When a train is approaching, the two red lights above would flash alternatingly.

The text "Pozor Vlak" means "Danger, Trains"

plpkp915.jpg (43257 Byte) A Polish shunting signal at Posen / Poznań displaying stop.
polnisches Hauptsignal A Polish main signal displaying stop.
rumänisches Hauptsignal Romanian main signals in the station of Hermannstadt /Sibiu. They look exactly like Russian signals, you may compare them with the EZMG signals.
rumänisches Rangiersignal Romanian shunting signal at stop.