Swedish Signals

I have included the signals on this page just as a souvenir, without intending to give more information on them. As I have time, I may provide links to sites giving information, if available.

Trafikverket  Statens Järnvägar Signals of Trafikverket (the infrastructure operator for SJ (formerly Statens Järnvägar) and other railway companies), taken on a trip to Stockholm in spring 2000.

Also I would like to say tack to Per Blomgren for proofreading the Swedish signals section.
Freie Fahrt, 40 km/h erwarten Intermediate signal Cst 320 to Stockholm Centralstation. The upper steady green says Line Clear, the blinking two greens say 'Expect 40 km/h at next signal.

The rectangular number plate indicates this is a main or intermediate signal belonging to a station, block signals would have round plates.

Below the number plate you see a shunting signal at clear (the two vertically arranged white lights).

The borders of signal and plate are not illuminated but reflective (The picture was taken with a flash)

Halt, Rangierverbot Dwarf main signal Cst 504 at stop for train movements (red) and also stop for shunting movements (two horizontal whites).

The square board with the "3" indicates that the departure governs track 3, sometimes also a board labelled "Gäller spår x" (applies to track x) is used.

The indicator on top shows a flashing "A" to order the train to depart. It may also show T, L, or K with the meaning of the German brake test signals Zp6/7/8.

Fahrt mit 40 km/h, Rangierfahrten frei The same signal as above showing a proceed aspect. The steady green at left means "clear with 40 km/h for train movements", the track beyond this signal is clear. The two whites mean "clear for shunting movements".
Schwedisches BÜ-Signal Level crossing signals. The signal with the round head and the "V" post plate is a main signal currently displaying red, which means "stop, level crossing is not secured". The triangular signal is a crossing distant signal announcing the next level crossing (which is not visible on this picture). The flashing amber lights mean "expect stop at next level crossing". The proceed aspects would be steady amber for the distant and a white light at the main signal. The board at the distant signal reads "gäller 2 vägk" ("valid for 2 crossings")
nicht über den Puffer fahren Line closed sign at the end of a non-entry track.  It is being phased out and replaced by stop boards or stoplights.
The same sign is mounted to derailers, where it can be rotated about 90° about its vertical axis to show the white bar that you can see on the left, however, I have been unable to find the turning mechanism on this buffer's signal...
This sign is the same as the Sh 0 used on Prussian railways in Epoch I
Stopplys "Stoplight" and the end of an entry track, similar to the usage of the Sh 2 on DBAG's lines.
X 2000 An X2000 at the Centralstation.