Shunting and Hump yard Signals, Signals for Locos Assisting in Rear
Signale für den Rangierdienst, Signale für Schiebelokomotiven

Shunting and hump yard signals 



Ra 1 =======  speaker.gif (924 Byte)
Ra 1-Handsignal 
Wegfahren / Move away from hand signal.
A very long tone or move a hand up and down multiple times.
Ra 2 ===  ===  speaker.gif (924 Byte)
Ra 2-Handsignal 
Herkommen / Move towards hand signal.
Two long tones or move a hand horizontally multiple times
Ra 3 o  o  speaker.gif (924 Byte)
Ra 3-Handsignal 
Aufdrücken / Push vehicles together to enable uncoupling. Stop after pushing.
Two short tones or move hands together multiple times. At night hold a lantern in one hand.
Ra 4 ===  ===  o  speaker.gif (924 Byte)
Ra 4-Handsignal 
Abstoßen / Push up vehicles for loose shunting.
Two long and one short tone, or move hand outward horizontally twice, then rapidly down.
Ra 5 o  o  o  speaker.gif (924 Byte)
Ra 5-Handsignal 
Rangierhalt / Stop.
Three short tones. A white lantern is swung in a circular manner.
Ra 6

Ra 6
Ra 6
light signal

Halt! Abdrücken untersagt! / Stop! Hump shunting forbidden!
Ra 7 Ra 7

Ra 7 
Langsam abdrücken / Propel slowly
Ra 8 Ra 8

Ra 8 
Mäßig schnell abdrücken / Propel moderately fast
Ra 9 Ra 9  Zurückziehen / Reverse
Ra 10 Rangierhalttafel  Rangierhalttafel / Shunting limit board:
no shunting movements beyond this signal camera.gif (1065 Byte). This board is often mounted to the left of the track. In former DR area usually the board does not carry an inscription

Ra 11 (DB)
Ra 11a (DR)

Wartezeichen  Wartezeichen / Waiting Board:camera.gif (1065 Byte)
stop for shunting movements (until permitted to proceed e.g. by Sh 1 (DB) or Ra 12 (DR), see there.)

Ra 11b (DR)

Wartezeichen ohne Ra 12  Same as above, but not equipped with the two white lights. (So e.g. a Ra 2 given by a shunter would be needed to proceed)

Ra 12 (DB)
So 12 (DR)

Grenzzeichen  Grenzzeichen / Clear-of-points marker:
Placed between converging tracks. Halting trains must do so before the marker (halting closer to points would obstruct other line).
Ra 13 Isolierzeichen  Isolierzeichen / Insulated Block Joint or Track Contact Marker
Signals for locos assisting in rear  
Ts 1 Nachschieben einstellen  Nachschieben einstellen / Stop pushing
Ts 2 Halt für Schiebelok  Halt für zurückkehrende Schiebelokomotiven und Sperrfahrten / Stop for returning locos assisting in rear. This signal is placed to the left of the track before entry to station, when there is no main or line-close signal.
Ts 3 Weiterfahrt für Schiebelok  Weiterfahrt für zurückkehrende Schiebelokomotiven und Sperrfahrten / Returning locos assisting in rear may proceed. This signal is placed to the left of the track before entry to station, when there is no main or line-close signal.