Pictures of Semaphore Signals

Halt  A semaphore signalat Hp 0: stop.

In front of the left signal (which is currently invalid) there is a "W" waiting signal  Ra 11a

Wartetafel, Haltetafel  Another semaphore signal in DR area. At the lower portion of the post you can see a Zs 103 Rautentafel.
In front you see an orange "W" (a Ra 11a waiting sign) equipped with two lamps (upper right and below) for the Ra 12 signal. Below there is a So 8 Halt Board.

(esta foto es por cortesía de Zeus Chiclana)

Formhauptsignale mit hohen Gleissperrsignalen  Semaphores at Lübeck Hbf. Also you see high Sh 0 line-close (shunting) signals (Gleissperrsignale). The triangles below are Zs 3 speed signals. To the right, instead of a Gleissperrsignal a Ra 11 waiting signal is used.

Unfortunately, the wire-operated semaphores at Lübeck have long gone when the line was electrified.

Halt für Zugfahrten, Rangierverbot aufgehoben  The main signal shows Hp 0: stop for train movements, the shunting signal shows Sh 1: shunting allowed.
Langsamfahrt, Halt erwarten  Hp2 + Vr 0:
Slow, expect stop.
The red circle marks the position of the 2000 Hz Indusi magnet.
Vorsignal  A closer look on the distant signal: Recently (as of 2001), all gas and petroleum lamps have been replaced by solar driven LEDs (see inset).

Since this signal does not have the arrow-shaped wing, it is a two-aspect signal, capable of showing expect stop, expect clear, but not expect slow.

Langsamfahrt erwarten  Another solar-lit distant signal (at Vr 2: expect slow).

To the right of the right rail, you see the 1000 Hz Indusi magnet.

Formsignal  Out-of-use semaphores in Ratzeburg. On the large picture you see next to the left two semaphores a "W"-shaped Ra 11 Waiting Signs.