Other Signs (not being signals)

Fahrtanzeiger (Rückseite)
Fahrtanzeiger / Proceed indicator:

Is usually mounted below a platform roof, when the next signal is not visible when passing the platform.
When lit, indicated that the station exit signal shows a proceed aspect.

Signalhaltmelder [obsolete] Signalhaltmelder / Signal Halt Indicator:

Can be mounted near a place where a train coming from a track section governed by ZLB (Zugleitbetrieb / Track Warrant Operation) enters signalled territory and halts. When lit, it indicates to the driver that entry signal (which the train has just passed) does not show any proceed or shunting aspect (i.e. it shows Hp 0, no shunting permission, no caution or substitution signal). Then the driver, after having checked that his train is complete, may tell the signalman that the ZLB track is now unoccupied.
zp9bedienung.gif (1160 Byte)  Marks the box on the platform containing the activation switch for Zp 9 departure signal.
Hektometertafel  Hektometertafel (Hectometre board): This is not a signal, but an indicator giving your position on the line. These boards are placed every 200 m. On multiple-track lines, the boards are to the right of the lines, and every 1000 m the board is placed on both sides. This one reads 136.8 km. camera.gif (1065 Byte) 
Kennzeichen für Notbremsüberbrückung  The orange boards inform the driver that he is approaching a tunnel.
Should the passenger emergency brake be operated, the driver must override it and proceed with no more than 160 km/h until the end of the tunnel.
Signalfernsprecher  This board is mounted to the boxes containing the signal telephones. (Fernsprecher - German for 'telephone')
zugfunk.gif (1090 Byte)  Zugfunktafel (train radio board). Tune into given train radio channel.
LZB-Blockkennzeichen  LZB-Blockkennzeichen / Cab Signalling Block Marker. Marks the block boundaries for cab signalling. A train stopped by an LZB (non-emergency) halt will stop here.
lzb_bereich.gif (1019 Byte) LZB-Blockkennzeichen b  LZB-Bereichskennzeichen / Cab Signalling Section Marker. Marks the begin of an LZB-enabled line or the begin of a different section.
Ungültigkeitskreuz  This cross fixed at or over a colour light signal, semaphore signal, or any other signal device marks this as temporarily void.
In case that a main signal and a distant signal are mounted at the same post, only the crossed-out signal is invalid. If both signals are invalid, then both heads must have a cross affixed.