Signals for Speed Restrictions

I will use the following abbreviations here: PSR for permanent speed restrictions and TSR for temporary speed restrictions.

Speed in points area may be restricted also by the proceed aspects of main signals, or with Zs 3, which you will find in the section "Subsidiary Signals". When the triangles are mounted as dwarfs, they may also point upwards.

Please read also the next page to understand the meaning of the signals and to learn why there are so many of them.




Lf 1

Lf 1  Langsamfahrscheibe / temporary speed limit warning board:
Announcement of TSR (3=30 km/h). The triangle may also point upwards. At night, two yellow lights are mounted at the board's post, or, if space is limited, up to 15 m in front of the post. If the board is retro reflective, the lights may be omitted.

Lf 1/2

Lf 1/2  Langsamfahrbeginnscheibe / TSR commencement board. This board is used in DR area when a speed reduction does not need to be announced by a Lf 1.
Lf 2 Lf 2  Anfangscheibe / TSR commencement board:
Speed limit announced by Lf 1 begins here. (A: "Anfang"-Begin)
Lf 3 Lf 3  Endscheibe / TSR Termination Board:
TSR ends here, timetable speed applies. (E: "Ende"-End)

Lf 4

Lf 4  (only used on secondary lines, being replaced by Lf 6)
Geschwindigkeitstafel / On branch lines: permanent speed limit warning board
Lf 5 (DB) Lf 5  (only used on secondary lines, being replaced by Lf 7)
Anfangtafel / On branch lines: PSR commencement board
Lf 4
Lf 4  [obsolete: being replaced by Lf 6]
Geschwindigkeitstafel / PSR warning board camera.gif (1065 Byte) which is usually placed in braking distance before an Lf 5. If the Lf 4 indicates a speed limit increase, the new speed applied immediately after the Lf 4.
May show a "0" speed limit if posted before an unsecured level crossing where train has to stop before proceeding. In this case the Lf 5 shows the place where train has to stop.
Lf 5
Lf 5(Eckentafel)  [obsolete: being replaced by Lf 7]
Eckentafel("Corner Board") / PSR commencement board, speed limit announced by Lf 4 begins here.

Lf 6

Lf 6  Geschwindigkeits-Ankündesignal / mainline PSR warning board

Lf 7

Lf 7  Geschwindigkeitssignal / PSR commencement board camera.gif (1065 Byte) If there is a board with the letters "BÜ" (Bahnübergang) below, the line speed can be resumed as soon as the first car (or loco) has reached the centre of the level crossing.
Note that Lf 6 and Lf 7 are not valid for tilting trains which are equipped with automatic speed supervision
Zs 3 Zs 3  Geschwindigkeitsanzeiger / Speed indicator: Displayed speed limit applies in points zone after indicator.
(This is not a "speed signal" but a subsidiary signal which is mounted at a colour light or semaphore signal post).
Zuordnungspfeil Zuordnungspfeil / assignment arrow
may be used in conjunction with Lf 1, Lf 4, Lf 6 on diverging tracks to indicate which track is governed by the Lf signal.
(Note that the arrow always uses the same colours as the Lf board it is used with, i.e. if used with an Lf 4, the arrow will be white on black.)